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Data Management and Inventory Management are two of my favorite things. For me there is nothing better than a clean list!

In our family business, we managed thousands of SKU’s over four different markets. In the first 10 years we managed it manually. We then purchased and implemented a Point of Sale solution with integrated inventory management and accounting services and quickly found we had been missing a lot with our manual systems. The biggest thing we learned is how often strong-selling items were out of stock. As you know, you can’t sell what you don’t have.

While it’s not always easy for me to manage inventory systems remotely, I am able to clean up your data and help you make better use of the system you have. I enter and edit products directly in one client’s cloud-based POS system. For others with localized systems, I prepare the content for import based on the specifications required.

One client had made far too many categories, so the reports her POS was returning were too granular to be helpful. I worked with her to create category groups that made more sense and cleaned up her inventory data.

Sometimes there are side benefits, if you want to consider detecting theft a benefit. After setting up a new system for a client, one of her employees continued to sell items under the Miscellaneous product we created. This was created for that random situation where an item wouldn’t ring up properly under its barcode or ID. The new system allowed the client to discover this employee was using this method to skim money out of the till.

I am also well versed in e-commerce solutions.