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We can all use a helping hand.


“The secret of getting ahead...

... is getting started.” ~ Mark Twain


More Time for What Matters

You are spending time on tasks that are not making the most of your skillset. When you assign those tasks to me, it gives you time to do things you enjoy more, that better match your skillset, and will do more to grow your business.

Fill Your Talent Gaps

You have a to-do list and you have a “want to do” list. Are there wanted tasks that you know you should be doing but you have no idea how to do them? How good would it feel to cross a few of those items off your list? How I wish I had one of me when I was running my retail business and my want-to-do list was overflowing!

No Need to Hire

When you need help on an as-needed basis for short- or long-term – or to complete a project. Much like working with your accountant or attorney, I provide services and bill accordingly on an hourly basis. You pay only for time when I am working. No lunch breaks, no days off… you pay only for the work.

“The secret of getting ahead is getting started.”

Mark Twain

Contact us if you wish to:

  • Send a print or email Newsletter
  • Mail a Postcard or other Direct Mail piece
  • Make a Flyer, Menu or Handout
  • Create or clean up a Web Presence
  • Create or clean up a Powerpoint presentation
  • Clean up or develop a CRM, Contact Database or Mailing list
  • Create or manage a social media presence
  • Clean up your company’s branding across multiple platforms
  • Discuss other ways we can help you be more successful.

I have worked with many virtual assistants. Cheryl stands above them all. She provides a comprehensive one-stop service that gives you complete support for your business success. No other virtual assistant can cover all the areas she ably can including marketing strategies and messaging, social media marketing, email mailing systems, website authoring software, copyrighting, BLOGs, LinkedIn and GoogleMy Business.

Think of her as your COO – providing more value and scope of support way beyond the typical virtual assistant. She has run bricks-and-mortar and online retail businesses, so she knows the real world of business challenges. Cheryl will partner well with you to effectively meet all your marketing and operations needs.

Neil Love

Cheryl displays expertise, leadership, and preparedness in every project she undertakes. From marketing and communications to software selection and integration, she does what it takes to do get a job done efficiently and get it done right.

Tauna Quimby

Cheryl has generously shared her time and talent with the Tri-County Humane Society for years, but in more recent years she has volunteered on our Board of Directors and was board President in 2016. Her passion and dedication to further our work for animals and help us achieve our mission goes above and beyond the call of duty! Skills shared have included desktop publishing, Constant Contact, Outlook, fundraising, marketing, retail, and research. She impresses us daily with her vast knowledge in so many areas!

Marit Ortega

Cheryl worked with me while I was at riteSOFT. She lead the marketing and lead generation initiatives with great due diligence, knowledge and experience. Cheryl always looks at all sides of business decisions to insure that those decisions are benefiting the company and customer alike. She is very detail oriented in everything she does. I can without hesitation recommend Cheryl for any position or project that you may be considering her for.

Jim Willems

I worked with Cheryl for many years and she is one of the greatest "task-masters" I have ever met. She not only has a strong work ethic, she also has the ability to do excellent work in a short period of time. An incredible eye for detail and her use of various technologies make writing a recommendation for her very easy. I can honestly say that Cheryl can do a great job at anything she wants to pursue. If you believe "good help is hard to find" I'm happy to say you have found it in Cheryl.

Brett Bruvold

Excellent Worker

Bob Sutton