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Print Marketing is Still a Thing!

Let me help you develop materials for print/.pdf


Get your message out to your customers and prospects with a professional mailer or newsletter. Regular communication will keep you top of mind!


Employee or client handbooks and manuals should be professionally developed, branded with your information and consistent in their style.


Forms aren’t “sexy” or exciting, but they are necessary. Are yours easy to complete? Are they properly branded? They should be!

Revise and Refresh

If you have print materials you are using that just need a fresh look, you’ve come to the right place!

My First Love

By Desktop Publishing

Desktop publishing is my first love, so much so I was doing it before I had a computer. I literally typeset and taped up content then took it to the copy machine. Every client I have ever worked with has some need for desktop publishing, whether it’s creating a .pdf to post on their website or making an entire newsletter for postal delivery. Print material will never go away, and in many cases it’s become a novelty that draws more attention than ever.


By Desktop Publishing

While working on a different project for a client I noticed they were producing a regular print newsletter in a terribly inefficient manner. Each issue was taking weeks to prepare and mail and the design and results were not reflecting the time and energy they were putting into it. I suggested they let me take over one issue and after that I was given the job of managing their newsletter. In addition to the print issue I set up a process for cross-posting newsletter content to their blog, website and social media. After a few issues I was able to train them to do it themselves.

Our Approach

By Desktop Publishing

Our Approach to Your Desktop Publishing Project

We will discuss your project – perhaps you have an example. If not, I can propose some ideas of how your message might best be represented.

  • You supply the content and/or example and I will desktop publish using Microsoft Publisher.
  • If you only have a concept, we can outline what you want and I will create on your behalf.

The result is a .pdf for you to print on demand, email or take to your printer.

Update to Existing Training Materials

By Desktop Publishing

I have a client who is part of a group that offers trainings. He wants his training materials to include his own branding in addition to the brand of the company he represents. I worked with him to recreate the materials with his company’s look and any edits he wanted while retaining the brand guidelines required by the parent company. Now when he leaves a training, all of the materials those participants will use every day are clearly branded with his information.