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Purchased Lists – Good or Bad?

I’ve worked with several clients who have acquired or purchased lists from brokers, partners and vendors. Sometimes they’re good, but usually they’re outdated. Sometimes they’re just bad. But there is usually some data that is helpful and can lead you to better information.

For these clients I have done everything from a thorough cleaning of data to spot-checks to a more automated check – using email cleaning tools to see if an email address is still valid, for example.

In other situations we have used these lists as a basis for developing a list. If you know the companies do match the market you are seeking, then the job entails validating that company still exists and finding contact information at that company for the job title you are looking to reach.

So is an acquired/purchased list good or bad? It all depends on what you plan to do with it! I’m here to make the best of it for you.