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“The purpose of a headline is to summarize a piece of content in the fewest words possible.” Robert Cole

Whether it’s the subject of an email, the headline of a blog or article or the name of your latest YouTube video, the name (or headline) needs to grab attention. Most people browse their information and only click on things they find really interesting. In fact, this blog post states “Data gathered by the American Press Institute found that up to 60% of Americans simply read headlines to get a sense of what’s going on rather than investigate topics further.”

How do you write a headline that will attract readers?

In addition to offering guidelines, Robert Cole’s blog post expounds on 8 tips for writing marketing headlines that convert:

  1. Write in the active voice, not passive
  2. Be concise
  3. Make sense
  4. Spark curiosity
  5. Use numbers
  6. Include a reason to read
  7. Write for your reader
  8. Include power words

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