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Constant Contact has had an event management tool for some time, it was a little cumbersome but it worked well. They are now updating the entire product and it’s going to make event management fun again!

Whether you use the Constant Contact tool or some other method, hosting events (free or paid) can have huge payoffs. But it’s important to provide prospective attendees with the right event details, and that’s where your website comes in. People will come to your website to find your coming events, so be sure they are correct, up-to-date, and thorough.

The article at this link covers how to get started posting must-have information on your event website:

  1. Virtual Event tips
  2. Event landing pages
  3. Clear information like the event schedule
  4. Creating a great description
  5. About you and your company
  6. Social media links
  7. Easy registration
  8. Ticket purchasing
  9. Make it eye-catching
  10. Clear call to action
  11. Testimonials and photos
  12. Sponsors
  13. A place for news and updates
  14. Subscription offer
  15. FAQ’s

And as always, if you need help – I’m here.