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I was a latecomer to the texting world. We started with one of those plans where you paid for each text. Every time my iPhone would ping I would hear a cash register “ka-ching” (that dates me, I know). But once we moved to unlimited texting and I started using it more often, I was hooked. Now I’m signed up on SMS lists at local restaurants and receive coupons and more. Now, unless the message is long or complicated, I will text before I call someone. And I’m old – if you have kids you know texting is their main method of communicating. It’s definitely time to think about how to use SMS to promote your business and services.

Although email and text marketing both have their places, it’s only when you merge the two into one content marketing strategy that you see their full benefits. In fact, customers prefer it when brands use omnichannel engagement strategies rather than relying on any one marketing strategy alone. Learn more about adding SMS to your marketing plan, and stay tuned for great news about managing SMS with Constant Contact!