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In the last issue of my e-newsletter I wrote about the landing page functionality Constant Contact offers. Today I want to talk about sign-up forms. 

Constant Contact offers a variety of forms and form functions. So whether you want a form to pop up on your web page, fly in/out, appear as a banner on a web page or simply be embedded on a web page, you can make it right in Constant Contact. And the data collected on that form goes where you want it in the Constant Contact database. 

On my website I am using a pop-up form on the Constant Contact page. It appears after a few moments and the information collected goes to a specific list in my account. When a new person signs up, that action triggers an automated email. If someone clicks on a link in that automated email, I’m using list segmentation to add them to a different list based on their interests. Those actions may also trigger automated emails. 

You can have as many forms as you wish, as well as automations. If you want to learn more about this process, let me know. It does take a little planning and you will want to update it from time to time.