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20+ years ago Jerry Seinfeld threw out all of his standup routines and started over fresh with new material. I have no idea how many times he had performed his past routines, but I can imagine it was a lot. And I’m sure there are people who went to see him more than one time. I know I did.

The Rolling Stones have been performing “(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction” since 1965.

Like a standup routine (or your favorite song), people need to hear things more than once. If you have good material, use it over again.

As much as we hope people would come to our websites and read through all of our blog posts (or archived emails – ask me about that!), it’s just not going to happen. So there’s no reason why you can’t recycle your older blogs or write more on your most popular topics. Again, your analytics will tell you which topics or articles are the most popular. Be sure to give it a “light dusting”, a review for outdated content. If you want to be straightforward and say this is a repeat, you might add a short blurb at the beginning or end to add any reflections from a new perspective.