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(With Real Examples)

This blog post from Constant Contact offers a long list of useful tips for your email marketing campaigns. It also offers statistics proving that email marketing is still a good investment!

In my own experience as a small business owner, I found I had the most success when my email campaigns were consistent* and provided value. If you only sell products or services in your emails, people will stop interacting – and may even unsubscribe.

Make sure your messages are something your customer will want to open. Make your branding clear so they know who is sending the email, your design clean and easy to read, and offer ways to interact with the email (links, survey, etc.).

*Speaking of “consistent” – it only took me until April to miss my 2022 goal of two emails each month! But I’m not going to fret, I’ve already started drafts of my May emails so all I have to do is go in and finish them when I’m ready to send. I suggest you do the same – don’t let missing a goal once set you back, put it behind you and continue on.